iPhone 3G vs iPhone 3G S

iPhone 3G vs iPhone 3GS?

Darn, I'm sick of iPhone 3G
. New user will think that nah it's ok for me to use iPhone 3G but not 3GS which cost you around almost 3k per unit but 3G is only around 1.8k - 1.5k per unit. They looks the same who knows :p.

As I had the same thinking before, and now regret :x . Yeah, it's cool having an iPhone on your palm and get connected to the internet 24/7 like there's no wire around you, but the performance speed really let me down compared to 3Gs. Few of my friends are using 3Gs and I tried before to feel the differences.

Cydia App -> Loading ...

( 5 - 9 secs ) for 3Gs
( 1 minute or less ) for 3G !

My experiences, when I used Trillian for IM, Twitter, Facebook and other stuff. After effect ->
It slows everything down, includes loading SMS(s), typing using on screen keyboard, quit an app when you press the HOME button. It lags most of the time.

But still, 3G S maybe be a faster device. But the latest badge of new iPhone 3G S is now Jailbreak-proof. It means you can't really jailbreaking your device :x

other summaries source taken from

1.They are more or less identical when it comes to the aesthetics
2.The 3Gs has a much faster processor than the 3G
3.The 3Gs can achieve 7.2mbps on HSDPA while the 3G can only achieve 3.6mbps
4.The 2.0 megapixel camera of the 3G has been replaced with a 3.0 megapixel camera that supports video recording in the 3Gs
5.The 3Gs can now support OpenGl ES 2.0 while the 3G can only support 1.1
6.The 3Gs has voice control and a magnetic compass which are not available in the 3G

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