Ad war: Streamyx vs P1 W1MAX

Heard it from the radio station about 1 month ago in M'sia.
We all knows about one of the Malaysia's ISP P1 W1MAX launched their latest campaign based on "Sudah Potong? /Cut Already?"
This series of advertisement is all around the city of Kuala Lumpur and the other states as well. The campaign ended on 31st of Oct 2009.

And Today !!
TheRevengeOfTheTMs :D
TMnet (Streamyx) is now on the track and came out with a new tagline. "Cut your head lah...!" LOL, and the worst part is the poster of the ads is a guy who look-a-like Micheal Lai (P1 W1MAX CEO) is carrying a modem on the roof and with a frustrating face on him ;D

So.. what do you think? 

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  1. i heard this advertisment in radio yesterday.. so funny they like kid like tat. fight n fight ..